Siri includes movies, sports, and more in iOS 6, now available for iPad

The first new tentpole feature of iOS 6 according to Apple is all the new features coming to Siri. It has integration with sports, movies, restaurants, and even your own car.

Siri is learning all about sports in iOS 6. You can ask about players’ batting averages, check scores for the last game, or just ask random questions to solve debates with friends like which player is taller than another. Apple has also partnered with Rotten Tomatoes to bring movie information and showtimes to Siri along with OpenTable to not only find restaurants, but make reservations as well.

A great new addition for accessibility and safety while driving, Eyes Free includes a partnership with multiple car manufacturers to start including a button on or near the steering wheel that will bring up Siri when your device is docked to the car. Apple hopes to have cars on the market with Eyes Free within 12 months.

Siri can do all that plus now launch apps or tweet for you straight from your iPhone 4S… but that’s not the only device. Yep, the rumors are true — with iOS 6, Siri is now available on the third-generation iPad.

[via The Verge]

  • I want Siri on iPhone 4. I know my math may be wrong but I think there’s more iPhone 4’s in the world then there are 4S’s

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