An app helps users capture and share their dreams

Dreamt It

Most of us don’t remember what we’ve been dreaming hours or even minutes after we wake up. Sure you can write it up but why would use a pencil when you have a smartphone and now a dedicated app to do so. Called Dreamt It, it’s an iOS application dubbed as the simplest way to capture and share your dreams.

Available as a free download, it prompts/reminds you to capture your dream, so you “don’t forget to remember.” Once started, you can either type your dream or voice record to automatically transcribe it into text. Now you can share the dream with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter, and/or post it anonymously to Dreamt It’s wall from where you can also see what others think of your dreams.

In order to start using the app, first you need to set up an alert (either silent or with tone) to be reminded as soon as you wake up to record a dream. The alert does not replace the default alarm and you can/should set it up to appear minutes or hours before/after the “regular” alarm…

All in all, if you have an iPhone (or iPod Touch or iPad) and want to record your dreams, you should try out Dreamt It. It’s free, after all. 😉

Dreamt It (FREE) [iTunes link]

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