Videos: 12 minutes showing you what’s new in iOS 6

Apple’s event yesterday started at 20:00 for me here in Helsinki, which means as soon as it was done I went straight to bed. Now that I’m awake again, and working while New York and California are asleep, I’m surprised that none of the major websites have bothered making a video demoing what’s new in iOS 6. If you’re a registered developer you can go ahead and put iOS 6 on your iPhone, and I’m glad Brian Klug from AnandTech did that to provide us with some benchmark numbers, but what about everyone else? There’s nothing from Mac Rumors, AppleInsider, The Verge, Engadget, or Gizmodo. Luckily, there are rabid Apple fans out there on the internet. One goes by the name “TechTechManTV”, while the other calls himself “iAppleTech2”. The latter recorded a 5 minute video showing off many of the key features that were demoed on stage, while the former recorded a roughly 7 minute video that goes through many of the design tweaks Apple has done. You can watch both below:

Having watched the videos, I can safely say that I’m tempted to hold onto my two year old iPhone 4 for yet another year or two. Have you seen those new iPhone leaks? If they’re to be believed, Apple will unveil a device later this year that’s basically the iPhone that’s already on the market, but slightly longer. Sure, they’ll probably buy 4G LTE in there, but I don’t want the speed. And yes, we might see NFC in there too, but none of my friends will have NFC enabled anything.

What do you think, is Apple’s policy of issuing software updates for older devices making it easier to upgrade less often? Just think about all the iPhone 3GS owners out there! That device turned 3 years old last week, yet it’s going to get iOS 6.

Makes you feel bad for Android users complaining in forums about not having ICS.

  • misternobg

    It’s a shame still no delivery reports, basic function 12 years ago on Nokia.

    • What’s a delivery report? I’ve been owning and operating mobile phones for over a decade, and I’ve never used delivery reports.

      • misternobg

        I meant sms delivery report, simply & useful feature, for me it’s important to know if the sms or mms is delivered or not. I had it on every Nokia, have it on Samsung Omnia 7, expecting to have it on my future Android phone.

  • Kostas Kritsilas


    I don’t understand the comment ” …but none of my friends will have NFC enabled anything.” While NFC with your friends to exchange some limited amount of data, the real impetus for NFC is for use with payment systems (“electronic wallet”), and in that instance at least, what your friends do and don’t have is completely irrelevant. It is far more important that vendors who are willing to accept that type of payment will be able to accept the new iPhone. As of right now, teh biggest announcement in Canada with regards to that uses only Blackberry devices. I don’t know if the new iPhone will work with the payment system coming into use in Canada or not. The whole system is frankly, a huge mess.

    Its odd how many people complain about Apple endlessly releasting products, obsoleting old devices, etc., yet the manufacturers that are the worst at keeing old up to date (Blackberry, see the BB OS6 devices that can’t be updated to BB OS7, and all of the currend devices, event the ones on sale now, won’t go to BB10. Microsoft will also be obsoleting a lot of the WP7/7.5 devices when Windoes 8/WP8 comes out).


  • Lav4you

    Ha ha ha….
    does this new iOS 6 hoopala has something for iBrick???
    Yes it does
    ” It has more than 200 features…
    Or really
    … in video¬† “we now have a new blue banner at the top of the stock application…”

    Apple community rejoiced!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wow these features have been on android forever and a day…Iphone is this crappy??? Glad to see they finally can have some features to be happy about.

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