HTC acknowledges One X WiFi bug on Tegra 3 models

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HTC has confirmed that the WiFi bug that’s plagued the company’s flagship phone, the One X, is also a problem found in other Tegra 3 models. Let me catch you up to speed, users for some time now have complained of weak WiFi reception, which prompted folks to apply their own weird fixes like squeezing the handset to improve signal strength.

Now the Taiwanese based manufacturer has found the problem, and it is prepping a fix, which will strengthen the connecting points on the phone’s WiFi antenna. This without a doubt is not only a huge annoyance for HTC, but also an even bigger issue for NVIDIA. So far this issue only seems to plague One X’s carrying Tegra 3 processors. HTC isn’t messing around with this problem, as the company is taking any One X devices with these complications.

So if you are one of the folks out there experiencing these WiFi issues, make sure you hit up HTC’s customer support to confirm the issue and send it in for repair. It’s good to see HTC is trying to get this thing under control; this is much better than when Samsung had its infamous GPS issues on its first Galaxy S device – remember when Sammy issued a “fix” for the GPS via Kies? [Shivers] The whole experience was a disaster.

[via Engadget]

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