Rumor: The Galaxy Note II will be larger than the original, said to have an unbreakable display

Now that every major technology publication has reviewed Samsung’s 2012 flagship handset, the Galaxy S III, it’s time to look towards the future. To be more specific, it’s time to start thinking about the devices we’re going to see during the second half of the year. According to MK Business News, Samsung is on track to release a successor to the Galaxy Note in October. This monstrous smartphone/tablet hybrid will have a screen that’s even larger than the 5.3 inch display in the original Note. What makes this new screen special is that it will allegedly use “unbreakable plane (UBP) display” technology. That technology is said to be a precursor to flexible display technology, something that we covered in detail during CES 2011. The report goes on to say that the Galaxy Note II will be a Galaxy S III derivative, meaning it’ll utilize the same quad core Exynos chip. Instead of running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich however, it’s expected that the Note II will have Jelly Bean onboard. We don’t know anything about Jelly Bean yet, but that problem will hopefully be solved next week at Google I/O.

We’d like to remind you that October is just four months away, so that’s not incredibly far off. We’re excited to see the Note II since the first Note was such a huge success; it’s achieved 7 million sales thus far. Many folks, this writer included, derided the 5.3 inch Frankenstein creation upon first hearing about it, but over time people got comfortable with the Note. It’s a bit jarring to hear that the new Note will be larger than the original, but we’re confident that Samsung will figure out how to make it seem smaller than it really is. Just look at the 4.8 inch Galaxy S III that’s going to land in America later this month. It’s big, but it’s not a pain to put in your pocket.

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