ShopAlerts Wallet combines offers and payments in one HTML5 app

Placecast unveiled an interesting solution to mobile payments today called ShopAlerts Wallet. It’s an HTML5 mobile web app that consumers can use to find local offers from various brands, plus process payments and store credit cards, tickets, and other payment information.

ShopAlerts Wallet isn’t a direct app that users can navigate too. Instead, Placecast makes it available to credit card companies or mobile operators who in turn can make it available to their own customers on their own terms and using their own customized skin to increase brand awareness. Because it’s written entirely using HTML5, it’s accessible via any smartphone or platform and there’s no need for brands to spend time building native apps, though the Wallet API does make that possible.

Consumers can use the ShopAlerts Wallet to find merchants and offers, the latter of which they can get optionally notified of via push notification or text message. They can make payments and/or redeem offers using a credit card, carrier billing, or NFC depending on how a company sets it up. The Wallet also stores gift cards, tickets, boarding passes, etc.

“Consumers like convenience, to save money and to be rewarded for their business. Leveraging the industry’s most robust mobile offers platform, the ShopAlerts Wallet delivers on this promise today,” Placecast CEO Alistair Goodman commented. “Over the last three years major brands, mobile operators and payments companies have seen incredible results from our location-based offers programs. We expect to see even more exciting avenues for monetization emerge as more people open up their mobile wallet.”

Companies can check out if they want to start utilizing ShopAlerts Wallet for their customers.

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