Sprint Galaxy S III to go on sale July 1st

Remember when Sprint issued a statement about its delayed Galaxy S III due to “overwhelming demand?” Well, it looks like The Now Network has finally gotten the situation taken care of and is now prepared to launch the device July 1st. At the moment, only the 32GB version is available for pre-order on the web, while the 16GB version will only be available in Sprint retail locations. Weird, but whatever.

The 32GB Galaxy S III will cost $249.99 and the 16GB version cost is $199.99. Of course, these prices are subject to a new two-year contract agreement. Checkout the official comment that just went live on the Sprint Community:

“Samsung Galaxy S III will be available at Sprint beginning on Sunday, July 1. It will be offered in a 16GB version for $199.99 and 32GB version for $249.99 (excluding taxes) with a new line or eligible upgrade and two-year service agreement at Sprint Stores, Sprint Business Sales, Telesales (1-800-SPRINT1) and Web Sales. The 32GB version will be available in Web Sales, Sprint Business Sales and Telesales.”

Ah yes. Soon you Sprint customers get the chance to indulge in some GSIII goodness. Truth is, this device is on fire and people we’ll be biting their nails to get their hands on it, and Samsung knows it. That’s why the Korean based company is predicting 10 million will be sold by the end of July.

[via TechCrunch]

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