FixYa reports top 5 user issues with Samsung Galaxy S III, iPhone 4S and more

FixYa is an online service that aims to help people troubleshoot issues with almost any gadget they own using its vast support community. From this, its able to gather plenty of interesting data for each product including which are the biggest problems users face for each. In a new report it released today, FixYa is doing just that. It has listed the top five issues people are having with six notable handsets: the Samsung Galaxy S III, Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, RIM Blackberry Curve, HTC Titan II, and the Nokia Lumia 900.

The top five issues are split into percentages, with the highest percentage obviously the number one problem. Starting with the Galaxy S III, the problems in order descending from the top are microphone malfunction with 50 percent indication from FixYa users, battery life with 15 percent, device heat with 15 percent, Internet connection issues with 10 percent and other with 10 percent.

The iPhone 4S list of complaints is as follows: 45 percent take issue with battery life, 20 percent can’t connect to WiFi, 15 percent have trouble with their Bluetooth connection, 10 percent with Siri, and the remaining 10 percent make up “other.”

Problems with the Galaxy Nexus are somewhat similar to the Galaxy S III. 55 percent say the microphone doesn’t work correctly, 20 percent complain about battery life, 10 percent can’t connect to WiFi, 10 percent just think general usability is poor, and the last 5 percent fall under “other.”

Customer woes with the BlackBerry Curve are as follows: 40 percent report random reboots, 20 percent report software errors (which random reboots could probably fall under,) another 20 percent aren’t happy with the number of apps, 10 percent have memory card errors, and 10 percent report other issues.

35 percent of HTC Titan II users weren’t satisfied with its screen resolution, 20 percent with lack of apps, 15 percent with camera quality, 15 percent with battery life, and 15 percent with other.

Last is the Nokia Lumia 900. 25 percent of FixYa users complained that the display has an odd purple tint, 20 percent had issues with the camera button, 20 percent with lack of apps, 20 percent with battery life, and 15 percent with other things.

FixYa tapped into its database of over 25 million users and 15 million product problems and solutions to come up with this data. “With all of the buzz that surrounds new smartphone releases, it is becoming increasingly important for consumers to see through the hype and understand the devices they are investing in,” said Fixya CEO Yaniv Bensadon.”

If you own any of the above devices, let us know in the comments if you agree with any of the top five complaints.

[via FixYa]

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