Nexus 7 found to have magnetic sensor for a Smart Cover

Just when you thought the Nexus 7 couldn’t be anymore mystical, think again. A YouTube user by the name of wwscoggin discovered a hidden feature within the Jelly Bean Android 4.1 powered slate. It turns out, the Nexus 7 has been found to feature a Smart Cover-like magnetic sensor that, with the proper cover, will turn off the tablet display and put it to sleep.

This is the first Android tablet to offer a magnetic sensor, albeit, hidden and on the down low. Interestingly, the search giant along with Asus sneakily added in this feature that no one knew about, as the two companies never announced it during the products unveiling last month, nor on Google’s own website.

Now that this has hit the Internet, Apple will surely have something to say about this feature, especially once smart cover-like accessories start hitting the market. Check out the video demonstration down below.

[Android Police; via BGR]


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