Tiny Post app combines I’d Cap That with social aspects of Instagram

Tiny Post is a brand new iPhone app already featured by Apple that lets its users caption their lives through meaningful photos and text. I’m instantly reminded of I’d Cap That, but instead of focusing solely on humor, Tiny Post users can write their own caption and share it with other social networks as well as friends on Tiny Post itself, which is where the Instagram-esque portion comes into play.

The app has a very similar design to Path. The camera button is located on the bottom left of the main feed and there are two menus on the left and right. Tapping the top left button or swiping to the right reveals the navigation for who you’re following, popular posts, the hall of fame, popular tags, and your account. Tapping the top right button or swiping to the left shows a list of friends or suggestions to invite friends from Facebook and their recent activity. A very clever design feature worth pointing out that Instagram lacks is a photo viewer which can be activated by tapping any photo in the feed.

To add a photo, tap the aforementioned camera button on the bottom left to snap a picture (or choose from the library.) Then you’re brought to the caption step where you have three lines to write something funny, emotional, witty, or anything you think best describes the photo. In the final step before publishing, you can add a comment underneath, add some hashtags, tag friends in the photo, share it to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, or via email, and you also have the option to make it private.

I think it’ll definitely gain some notable popular among iOS users. Whether you like to get expressive with the photos you take or just enjoy creating funny memes, you can get the best of both worlds with Tiny Post. It’s free and available in the App Store.

  • Thanks for the awesome review! We’re already working on the camera snap bug. Should have a fix very soon.

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