HTC HD2 can run Jelly Bean, too

HTC HD2 can run Jelly Bean, too

The HTC HD2 remains one of the most hacker friendly devices out there. We’ve already seen this Windows Mobile phone running Windows Phone 7, MeeGo as well as various versions of Android. Like that’s not enough, eager hackers from the XDA-Developers community are now trying to cram the latest version of Google’s mobile platform on it. And what do you know, most things are already working, including mobile data, calls, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SMS, video playback and the USB Mass Storage mode. Some others like camera, browser, app installation and Google search are still in the “work in progress” phase, but something tells us these will soon be fixed, as well.

Since I don’t have the HD2, I couldn’t try this myself, but if you do own one – you can check it out. After all, we assume you also have another (main) phone to use in case something goes wrong. 😉

  • Eytertertert

    hd2 is a Beast

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