Staples president claims Amazon is releasing 5 to 6 new tablets, 10-inch model coming

Amazon has been in the rumor mill all summer. It’s been speculated by many, that the company is preparing not just a smartphone, but a larger Kindle Fire tablet within the next few months. Now, in the latest rumor, the e-commerce giant is said to be working on “bigger plans,” like the introduction of five or six new devices, according to Demos Parneros, president of US retail for Staples. The executive spilled the beans to Reuters.

The Staples prez continued, adding that the tablets will come in a range of sizes and would include a new ten-inch device, which would directly compete against the iPad. Of course, there was no comment from Amazon about the company’s true plans.

The move from Amazon is supposed to set them up in a position to better take advantage of offering more access to its more than 100 million customers, and what better way to do that then making more hardware? But, on the flipside, why mess up a good thing if you’re Amazon? Last year, the 7-inch slate made some noise, so a 10-inch version seems natural; even a smartphone doesn’t seem so far fetched, but five or six differently sized Kindles? Not sure about that.

Anyway, I hate to sound like a broken record here, but we’re taking this with huge grains of salt until we hear or see more from Amazon.

[Reuters; via engadget]

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