Google takes the Nexus 7 camping in its first public commercial for the tablet

Google is kicking off its marketing for the Nexus 7 tablet with a new commercial that’s available on YouTube. The ad shows how the Nexus 7 can be used to entertain and inform you while camping …. in your back yard. The minute-long clip walks you through some of the features of the Android tablet including Google Earth, which will pinpoint your location in the woods, and the online book store which will let you download a bedtime store.

Google started pre-orders of the Nexus 7 in June and began selling the device in July. According to recent reports, early sales have been brisk, with most retail outlets, including Google’s online storefront, sold out of their inventory of the 16GB model.  Google still has stock of the 8GB model, but its smaller capacity limits its appeal. You can visit Google’s website to learn more about the Nexus 7 and read our hands-on review. Don’t forget to check out the commercial below.

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