New York Times will no longer support WebOS or BlackBerry apps

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Things just continue to get worse for Research in Motion, as another popular app-maker has decided to no longer support BlackBerry OS. The New York Times, you’ve heard of them, right? Well, the wildly popular news publication has decided to not only pull the plug on all future support of its mobile application for BlackBerry, but for WebOS devices as well. Yikes.

The news hit once it was discovered that NYT had posted this on its help page: a “decision to consolidate our efforts and concentrate on delivering you the best possible experience through our mobile site…” So why would the New York Times decide to drop its support so suddenly, you ask? To answer that question, New York Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy told Reuters that “it’s a matter of usage of our apps, and we dedicate our resources where we think there’s the highest level of usage.”

For once, a spokesperson tells it like it is. The reality is, the vast majority of folks out there aren’t using these two platforms like they were in the past, so why continue to dedicate a ton of resources to two platforms that are either dead or dying? That being said, the good news for Research in Motion is that the New York Times isn’t opposed to providing services for BlackBerry 10, if it ever sees the light of day.

[via The Verge]


  • Gregory C Newman

    I hate to see any company go down because people loose their jobs and good products disappear. I think “RIM” should take Microsoft’s Offer and go with windows phone “8”
    and bring out Blackberry 10 later when it is ready for the Market place

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