T-Mobile HTC One X+ spotted on internal system – Tegra 3+ is a go

Thought that T-Mobile was going to leave the Samsung Galaxy S III as its only high-end smartphone for the rest of the year? Nah, didn’t think so. Apparently Magenta customers are in for quite a treat, as it looks like an updated variant of the HTC One X will be hitting shelves in the future. Best of all, we’re looking at an updated Tegra 3 SoC inside this bad boy.

Dubbed the HTC Era 42 (at the moment), all signs are pointing to a Tegra 3+ toting HTC One X is in the works for the carrier, which definitely demands some attention. The HTC One X is a solid device through and through, and having a Tegra 3+ on a US carrier is something to get excited for. NVIDIA’s Tegra 3+ should provide quite a nice speed bump in terms of performance over the existing Tegra 3 SoC we are seeing today. With a clock speed of 1.7 Ghz, there won’t be much slowing you down with this processor running the show.

Dates are always subject to change,  but the photo above shows that we should be able to get our mits on the handset sometime in September, and T-Mobile likely has the iPhone 5 in its cross hairs with this phone. While the HTC One X+ for T-Mobile will likely lack LTE, which is fine by me, it should nonetheless prove to be a solid contender with anything on the market.

We’re a couple of months away until we’ll likely see the handset materialize but a HTC One X with a Tegra 3+ inside is something to hold out of if you’re in the market for a smartphone.

[Via: TMONews]



  • Hopefully it also has 2 GB of RAM. 😉

  • M

    Rumor has (d?) it that Verizon was supposed to get an LTE-capable quad-core HTC sometime this summer.  Well, it’s July 28…  Also, does this new 3+ chip render my newly acquired Google Nexus 7 obsolete, or, like the Android OS, are there to be different versions for handsets and tablets?

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