Apple and Samsung both caught red-handed for copying

The battle between Apple and Samsung is still ongoing and it doesn’t look like the fighting will end any time soon. It’s beginning to resemble a 4th grade fight on the playground over who cheated playing four square. Originally Apple was winning the legal war hands down, able to swiftly convince judges Samsung was copying the iPhone and iPad. Then Samsung got to lead the victory march for a while. Now there’s new dirt revealed on both companies that could change the course of the battle.

First, instead of just taking all the insults Apple’s been throwing at it like it has been, Samsung finally fought back and accused Apple of copying Sony’s designs. Indeed photos of a prototype iPhone from 2006 indicate the design was at the very least inspired by Sony’s design strategies. In one picture, the Sony logo has been modified to read “Jony” presumably referring to Apple’s mastermind of design, Jony Ive. Neither Apple nor Sony have responded to Samsung’s claim.

Apple might be able to fire back just using its traditional Samsung-copies-us-and-we-still-rule-the-world argument, but this time it’s backed by the consumers themselves. One document from Best Buy indicates people have actually been returning Samsung Galaxy Tab 1o.1s after finding out they weren’t iPads. If the report is true, you can bet Samsung is doing just about everything in its power to prevent that information from reaching the court room.

In Apple’s defense, there’s a clear distinction between having some inspiration to build upon and just blatantly copying. In Samsung’s defense, those buyers have to be pretty oblivious to not know by the gigantic Samsung logo on the packaging that they did not purchase an Apple iPad.

[via AllThingsD]

  • Doan

    It’s pretty pathetic when you spend that much money and don’t even look at what you’re buying.

  • dani26286

    It has to be just for sensationalism. One has to be an illiterate to buy a gtab 10.1 thinking its ipad. That, or the one who sold it to them, said its the same. No one in their right mind would confuse these 2, and if they do, they shouldn’t buy this kind of tech to begin with. Apple and ,the likes make their G’$ on flashiness, and the ignorants fallow. Cuz one has to be an ignorant to make such confusion. This is no news,its just another business day in the 21st century. Pathetic really, we keep on regresing…. whatever. As u where… :p

  • Phanhz

    I hpe apple win and kill android if this make the crappy apple lovers happy
    then comes the second round apple vs Microsoft….
    this will be interesting apple will say Microsoft surface copy ipad
    To be continued…….

  • I don’t think the best buy thing is indicative of anything, since just about anytime i’m with a customer and have to pull out my Galaxy Note to make a note or use an app, I’d say about 95% of the time I get asked is that an iPhone? Apple has successfully made their brand name practically a synonym for smartphone among people who really don’t care much about tech, much like rollerblade, xerox, and kleenex did in their fields

    • dani26286

      True, but on the other hand no one buys kleenex thinking its toilet paper,or vice versa,right? Yet both can pretty much be (are) used for what they’re implied to, and much more. Just a matter of texture preference and/or excessive social awerness . I guess what I’m trying to say is that such should be a non-issue in front of whatever judge from wherever . Peoples stupidity shouldn’t cloud any judges fair judgement, is assumed , right?
      Or at least that’s the taste I was left with, when this dude ended his blog post. Maybe he did it for the clicks, who cares anymore. Somehow the point still stands. Anyway , in this episode of our weekly beloved technovela …. and it never ends …………………………..

      • Ah but you actually just reaffirmed my point, Kleenex is a brand name for Facial Tissue, yes people won’t use Facial Tissues as toilet paper but they will refer to just about any facial tissue as Kleenex which is my point so thanks for showing how easily marketing does that.

  • A Rubin

    Hmmm, is Apple saying, “We need the Galaxy Tab banned because our customer base cannot read the words SAMSUNG plastered PROMINENTLY all over the device and box!”

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