London Olympics: Will operators win the test of endurance?

London Olympics will gather millions of people from all around the world. In fact, some predictions forecast the big event will attract 7 million roamers (in addition to 7.8 million residents), prompting the natural question – will mobile operators be able to deal with all that traffic.

Social networks and social messaging apps/services will undoubtedly have an important role and will add additional traffic to networks. Carriers lost $8.7 billion due to social messaging services in 2010, and $13.9 billion in 2011. Now if we add Facebook’s 845 million and Twitter’s 140 million users to the mix, we get a gloomy picture. We’re sure British government officials will push all service providers to do their best, but is it enough? Guess we’ll know in the next few days… In the meantime, check out how all these factors fit together in an infographic, prepared by Tektronix Communications.

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