Apple’s request for victory denied, trial to continue as planned today

It looks like the jury will ultimately decide the victor in the Samsung vs. Apple patent dispute case after all.

Yesterday, Apple filed a request with the Court to have Judge Lucy Koh essentially throw out Samsung’s counter-claims against Apple after Samsung’s lawyers leaked banned evidence to the press. Apple’s legal team felt the company would not be able to receive a fair trial, as jurors would undoubtedly have access to the leaked information. Last night, Judge Koh dismissed Apple’s request that the Court rule in favor of the company in its ongoing case against Samsung, ensuring that the case would ultimately be decided by the 12 selected jurors. Judge Koh will likely issue additional rules to the jury before sending them off to deliberation instructing them to not take the leaked evidence into account when making a decision, and further sanctions haven’t yet been ruled out.

The case continues today, and we’ll be keeping our eyes tuned westward to the San Jose courtroom.

[via MobileBurn, Electronista]

  • on  cases such as these dont they put the jury on a media blackout? like where they cant read papers or talk to family members who might bias their opinion one way or another?

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