Verizon slyly offers 20GB Shared Data tier, undercuts AT&T on pricing

For better or worse, shared data is all the rage these days. Verizon was the first company to offer the service in June, and AT&T is set to launch their own shared data plans later this month. Early comparisons of the two offerings revealed disappointing news for Verizon customers. While AT&T offered data packages up to 20GB ($200), Verizon users topped out at 10GB, which is fine for most families, but doesn’t sate the needs of the data hungry.

New information out of Computer World suggests that we may not have been making a fair comparison, and that Verizon has been secretly offering tiers in 2GB/$10 increments from 10GB ($100) up to 20GB ($150) since the service launched. Of course, customers who wanted more data weren’t told about the plans; Verizon only offers the plans to customers who ask a customer service rep about them either in store or via phone. The plans will continue to be available only when requested, as Verizon has no plans to advertise the higher-tiered plans in store or online.

For those considering a higher-tiered plan, Verizon’s 20GB plan at $150 per month will save you as much as $40 when compared to AT&T’s rate structure making Verizon the obvious choice for customers who use a lot of data.

[via EngadgetComputerWorld, Droid-Life]

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