Google Translate for Android gets updated, brings image translation, improved Japanese and speech input

The search giant just updated its Google Translate application to version 2.5 on Android. The new update headlines a pretty interesting feature which allows the Google bots within the app to translate what you’re looking at. Translate can now understand what’s said on hand written text or something like a sign. With the new image translation feature, the functionality is simple. All users have to do is tap the camera icon, tap the screen to take a picture, then highlight what you want to translate.

The update also adds improvements to its voice translations, with new dialect preferences and improved handwriting recognition for Japanese input. This is the perfect mobile application to bring if you plan on taking a trip overseas anytime soon. Before you get to downloading the new Translate app, you must first know that the image translation feature will only work on devices carrying 2.3 Gingerbread or higher. Seriously, who’s still rocking an Android phone running less than Gingerbread?

Anyway, if you’re interested, make sure you hit the Google Play link to grab the latest version of Google Translate. Now if only Google can get all iOS users on board with the new features in Google Translate. It sure would be awesome.

[via androidcentral]

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