It’s time for HTC Shift 2.0

It's time for HTC Shift 2.0

With HTC having a tough time competing with Samsung, it’s time they get back to the basics, to the time when they were one of the biggest innovators in the industry. Personally I would like them to introduce a new version of the HTC Shift.

I did talk about this subject before, but I think now’s the right time to repeat the key points.

Not one but more devices

Unlike the original HTC Shift, this time we need multiple devices running different platforms. We could use two different Windows versions of the device and one running Android. One Windows version would have a touchscreen (and will be Windows 8-ready), while the other one could go without a touchscreen and be sold with Windows 7 (though it could also run Windows 8). Moreover, they could release both ARM and x86 (Intel) based versions as I’m sure both will have its audience. An Android-powered Shift, on the other hand, would come with few third-party tools that would make its users more productive.

Mobile worker’s dream

The original HTC Shift was mobile worker’s dream. It was one of the most portable such devices ever released, and its 7-inch screen and usable keyboard allowed folks to do some serious work while on the go. The way I see it, HTC should primarily stick to Windows for such a device so that prospective buyers have a huge database of apps to choose from.

My dream HTC Shift 2.0 machine

The specs would include the following:

  • Intel Core i5 or i7 (if possible)
  • 4GB+ of RAM
  • 128GB SSD
  • Windows 7 (upgradable to Windows 8)
  • 7-8 inch screen
  • Battery that could power up the device for up 5 hours

Can HTC (or someone else) make this? It sounds feasible. What do you think?

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