Additional rumors point to late September release for next iPhone

Over the last several weeks, retailers have been cutting the price of the iPhone 4 and 4S ahead of the release of a new model. It’s been previously suggested that the next iPhone is expected to be announced in an event on September 12th, to be released in later September, and a report out of BGR today lends further credibility to a late September launch. The report cites anonymous AT&T sources which claim that the store is boosting its sales force beginning the 3rd or 4th week of September in anticipation of a “huge announcement,” which is undoubtedly related to the next iPhone.

The next iPhone is rumored to bring significant improvements over the iPhone 4 and 4S devices, upping the screen size to 4″, moving to a smaller dock connector, and adding LTE and NFC capabilities, among others. As Apple expects sales of the next iPhone will outpace all other iPhone models combined, a ramped up sales force will be key to sate the inevitable flood of customers knocking on AT&T’s door.

As with all rumors, take today’s BGR report with a grain of salt, though it does add fuel to the fiercely-burning late September launch fire.

[via BGR]

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