Google’s Motorola Mobility unit files another patent infringement complaint against Apple

According to Bloomberg, Google’s Motorola Mobility unit filed another complaint with the ITC accusing Apple of patent infringement. The complaint is not available publicly, but information from Bloomberg suggests it targets the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and select Mac computers.

Motorola filed an earlier patent infringement complaint with the ITC that will be decided soon by the ITC. A preliminary judgment in that case found that Apple infringed on one of Motorola’s patents. The patent at the heart of this earlier dispute is a standard essential patent, which means Apple won’t likely face an import ban. A final decision in this earlier case is expected next week.

[Via Bloomberg]

  • Anonymous

    Seeing Apple go down in these patent wars will make me feel so glad. They started this war and Samsung whipped that Apple butt for two week in the courtroom. Yeah we all might suffer from this situation but enough is enough. Google has now stepped in and I would love to see the crappy ipdad and useless iphone 5 BANNED in the US. Starting with the new iphone come September 26th Motorola /Google must bust that butt.

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