Motorola launches site called “Unlock My Device” to address locked bootloaders

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Finally, the day has come. Motorola has some good news for those of you out there who’ve been pissing and moaning about its locked bootloaders, who advocated Google to take a more hands on approach with the matter. Today the subsidiary owned company found the time to not only announce its September 5 event in New York, but to also launch a new site called “Unlock My Device.” The way it works is simple, Motorola device owners can finally unlock their device’s bootloaders, allowing users to install 3rd party software on the new site.

So for instance, in order for users to unlock their devices, they would need the Android SDK and Motorola’s Drivers. Once everything is set up, all you have to do is follow the company’s instructions from that point. If this move doesn’t scream Google, then I don’t know what does.

Anyway, Motorola was kind of enough to update its list of supported devices. So far, there’s two phones and two tablets that are currently able to have their bootloaders unlocked. These devices include the Photon Q, RAZR developer edition, Verizon XOOM, and WiFi XOOM. Stay glued to the site to see if Motorola expands its list any time soon.

Okay, who’s unlocking their device?

[Motorola; via Droid-Life]


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