RIM cuts 25 percent of jobs at its Halifax office

As expected, the RIM layoffs continue. The BlackBerry maker just a week ago was reportedly cutting 3,000 jobs, which goes accordingly with its reconstruction plan that’ll save the company $1 billion in operating cost by the end of 2013. Now we have learned that 94 folks employed in the company’s Halifax location, will no longer have jobs according to The Canadian Press. This is a significant cut to a branch that only carries 400 workers. To be fair, this isn’t really news from left field, as we the media have known for months RIM’s plans of significant layoffs when it chopped 2,000 jobs.

Supposedly, the job losses are temporary, according to the Canadian prime minister. RIM confirmed to the Canadian Press that the reductions are part of the 5,000 jobs plan we already alluded to above.

[via Business Financial Post and BGR]


  • Fatherofwombats

    “… as we the media have known for months RIM’s plans”  Yes, as has everyone else! 
    And so, the the news is?

    • People still need to know. Not everyone is as informed as you are 🙂

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