Nokia Lumia 900 gets updated in US and Canada

Nokia Lumia 900 gets updated in US and Canada

Almost missed this… But we’re going with it even if we’re late a bit.

Nokia released new firmware updates for Lumia 900 owners in US and Canada, with each country getting a slightly different software. For instance, users in the US will get flip-to-silence feature; camera, battery and startup sequence performance enhancements. On the other hand, Canadians will “go home” with flip-to-silence feature, support for Contacts Share app (to send and receive business cards as text messages), bug fix for that purple hue that appeared in low-light conditions, as well as performance enhancements for proximity sensor and startup sequence.

It’s important to note that this is a 3-phase process with Zune for Windows (PC) or Windows Phone 7 Connector (Mac) prompting you 3 times to update. The whole thing takes some 30 minutes and after each part is completed you’ll get: “Success! Your phone has been updated” followed by a message “An update is available…” It really shouldn’t be a problem…

[Via: Nokia Conversations]

  • Astaham

    Great. Lumia is the most undervalued smartphone in the market. Now it is getting even more attractive.

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