Are multiple manufacturers all making their own Nexus Android phones this year?

It’s quiet. Too quiet. Nexus rumors have been awfully few and far between this year, so it’s no surprise that plenty of people are beginning to think there may not even be a Nexus device for 2012. Wait a minute though, here comes a rumor seemingly contradicting that theory. There may not be one, not two, but three separate Nexus smartphones coming from three different manufacturers this year.

That’s at least the scoop that was picked up from a tip given to Android and Me from Android Noodles. Apparently Japanese carrier DoCoMo’s fall lineup leaked and three different Nexus devices are on track for release: the Samsung Galaxy Nexus II, Sony Xperia Nexus, and LG Optimus Nexus.

Now if you’re thinking “Gee, it really doesn’t make a lot of sense to ship three different Nexus phones from three different competing vendors.” it’s because you’re right! Then again, it was equally confusing when both Motorola and HTC contributed to the Droid line of smartphones, yet that happened anyway. Don’t take this rumor too seriously because it doesn’t have a solid foundation at the moment.

As editor Blake Stimac pointed out earlier today, in June of last year rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus were floating around. This year, it’s already August and nothing substantial about any Nexus models have made their way onto the web. This morning we reported that the next Galaxy Nexus could just be a small improvement to last year’s model. That, so far, is the most substantial unsubstantial rumor yet.

[via Android and Me]

  • Want this to happen. Want HTC to launch a Nexus device. Have had enough with Samsung and their cheap build quality. Even Sony would be nice. 

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