The Avengers getting the official mobile game soon

The Avengers getting the official mobile game soon

Sadly we haven’t seen the official mobile game for The Avengers, despite the movie’s smashing success. We’ve no idea whether Marvel had problems with developers/publishers or there’s something else that caused this “issue,” which is effectively a missed opportunity (to monetize on the film’s success).

That, however, will change soon with Marvel teasing us with the “New Mobile Gaming Initiative” that shows Nick Fury assembling the crew to investigate a mysterious pulse from space which disabled security at S.H.I.E.L.D.’s prison complex. Needless to say, a number of comic book villains like Humanoid, Wendigo and Zzzax used the opportunity to escape and it’s up to you to recapture them.

The teaser video also suggests that The Avengers will be split up on individual missions, hinting us Marvel doesn’t want a single game but a whole series.

We’ve no idea which mobile platforms the game will target but it’s safe to bet iOS and Android are high on the comic book publisher’s list. We’ll see how that goes and in the meantime, check out the mentioned teaser trailer.


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