More leaked photos suggest new iPhone will carry NFC chip, Passbook will be a virtual wallet

We’ve had an idea of how the new iPhone would look for quite some time now. Many pictures have leaked on the internet suggesting the same industrial design with a slightly larger screen and an 8-pin dock connector. Well, just when you thought the leaks would come to an end, think again. More images of what seems to be an NFC chip within the new frame have surfaced.

Japanese site, Macotakara, seems pretty sure that it has identified the square component, with an EMI covering, which houses an NFC sensor. As TechCrunch notes, there are a few bits of evidence here that seem to match up with what we’ve all seen so far.

Of course, these new developments are rumors and should be taken with a grain of a salt. That being said, this latest tidbit of news comes from the same person who leaked photos a couple of months ago on photobucket, so take this for what it’s worth.

I believe the next iPhone will carry an NFC chip, because it has to at this point. Nowadays, most power phones carry the chips, so for Apple to not implement it on this new model would really disappoint. Besides, it makes no sense to have a feature like Passbook without NFC capabilities. It’ll also be interesting to see what partnerships Apple announces, whether it be credit card companies, retailers, or etc.  For more photos, hit the image link below.

Do you think next generation iPhone should have NFC?

[via TechCrunch] [Image: photobucket]


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