Apple agrees to pay Motorola for past damages on standard patents, German courts to decide royalty rate

In the wake of the Samsung v. Apple verdict, Motorola has struck a license deal with Apple in Germany according to everyone’s favorite biased patent blog, Foss Patents. The Google owned company agreed to a deal with Apple that addresses the cellular standard-essential patents in question.

So what this means is, Apple has basically agreed to pay whatever past damages in connection to the patents at risk. Depending on what the German courts decide, these patents could fall under FRAND policies, which can alter the rate Apple pays out. The filing didn’t reveal what royalty rates the Cupertino based company would have to pay Motorola Mobility.

Florian Mueller of Foss Patents had this to say about deal:

In a filing made late on Monday (August 27, 2012) with the United States District Court for the Southern District of California, the Google subsidiary has now confirmed the recent conclusion of a standard-essential patent license agreement with Apple. Under the agreement, Apple is now licensed to use some if not all of Motorola’s standard-essential patents in Germany, though the parties have not yet agreed on a FRAND royalty rate, which will ultimately have to be set by German courts unless they agree on a rate prior to its judicial determination.

Now with all that legal mumble jumble said, I’m sure plenty of Apple loyalists will say this is a win for the tech giant. Many people will see this as Google somehow losing leverage in the legal battle, which sounds ridiculous. Bottom line is, by getting Apple to pay something for “past damages” is a win for Motorola, as it’s a royalty rate that’s sure to be more than what Motorola was getting paid before. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in Motorola’s case against Apple in the states.

Do you guys view the licensing deal a win for Apple?

[Foss Patents; via 9to5Mac]


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    Loved the “everyone’s favorite biased patent blog, Foss Patents” part haha. Couldn’t have said it better

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