Apple Wins Court Case, Samsung Sales Spike

The dead horse that is the Apple v. Samsung case has been beaten into the ground, but wait, there’s more. Quite interestingly, albeit not too surprising, has been the result of the verdict as manifested in Samsung sales. Trip Chowdhry who serves as managing director of equity research at Global Equities Research told Forbes this week that people “rushed” to get their hands on Samsung’s Galaxy S III after the verdict was announced.

The AT&T stores that Trip investigated all said the say “significant” sales, and many Costco stores were sold out. Did Apple drive people to buy Samsung phones before it was too late? The problem to consider now is, would all those people have bought a phone from Samsung anyways over a longer period of time or did Apple actually lose potential customers?

Currently iPhone 4s’s in stores all across America are at ridiculously low prices trying to get rid of stock in preparation for the September 21st launch of the iPhone 5. And even with those prices, Samsung sales spiked. Depending on how the verdict affects these two companies, we may see Samsung sales be a good thing for Apple if the two companies decided to a license fee per device payment agreement.

The curious thing about all of this, is that the verdict had nothing to do with the more modern phones or tablets, so why the sudden interest from consumers? It could possibly be a fear of successful injunction as filed by Apple, against Samsung devices, though they have yet to target any of their flagship products.

[Via: Forbes]

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    I loves Samsung stuffs!  Samsung will sells more new phones, others over iphone.. 

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