New Kindle Fire leaked – We all yawn with enthusiasm

Hot on the heels of the news that the Kindle Fire has sold out, a picture of the next iteration has made its way to the net. While we won’t have the full details about the device until it’s officially announce, which is expected to be September 6th, the picture we see above does little to make us excited.

With the insane popularity of the first Kindle Fire, the second-generation tablet is definitely getting a lot of attention. That said, it will really come down to the specifications of the new Fire that will ultimately woo some people away from buying something like the Nexus 7. We can expect Amazon’s new device to be priced competitively, but it will likely be rocking a nicely refreshed spec sheet to gain even more attention. The race to the bottom has proven to be a fruitful venture for Amazon, and while it’s no longer alone in the marketplace for affordable tablets, it’s still bound to sell quite a few of these bad boys.

Rumors have also speculated that Amazon will be launching a 10 inch version of the Kindle Fire to sit nicely alongside the 7 inch version. We’re not surprised to see Amazon offer up a 10 inch Kindle Fire, but whether or not it will move a decent amount remains to be seen. Even if priced at a very competitive price, many may just justify spending more cash to get an iPad.

We do hope to see a refreshed user interface on the new Kindle Fire, as it’s nothing to write home about in its existing form. It may be an Android tablet, but Amazon decided to customize the experience so heavily that it’s sacrificed a lot of Android’s flexibility and power. Oh, but you can buy stuff.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the latest news about the new Kindle Fire, so stay tuned!

[Via: TheVerge]

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