Tomorrow, all eyes are on Nokia as it launches next generation of Lumia

Is this Nokia Arrow?

To say that tomorrow is a big day for Nokia would be an understatement. At an event in New York, Nokia will unveil the Lumia 820 and 920 smartphones running on the upcoming Windows Phone 8 platform. While companies unveil devices fairly frequently, Nokia has a lot riding on the success of both the devices the company is unveiling and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform, and reactions to Nokia’s event tomorrow could make or break the company once heralded as an icon in the mobile phone industry.

Back in February 2011, Nokia and Microsoft announced their unlikely partnership to skeptical reviews. After all, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile products were never very well received by consumers, and Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android devices ruled the smartphone roost, while Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 platform had failed to gain much market share, despite being available for several months.

Today, a year and a half after the Nokia/Microsoft partnership, the mobile landscape hasn’t really changed that much. Android and iOS have continued to gain at the expense of RIM’s BlackBerry platform, and Windows Phone has struggled to reach 5% market share. Meanwhile, sales of Nokia’s Symbian-based phones have fallen flat as the company focuses its efforts on Windows Phone, making it very clear the company’s future success is tied to the success of Microsoft’s mobile platform.

Consumers and analysts have shown interest in Windows Phone 8, with some analysts expecting the platform to rapidly catch on with customers at a time where Android and iOS are battling each other in the courtroom. The IDC projects that Windows Phone will command as much as 20% of the mobile market by 2016, growing fairly rapidly at the expense of Android and BlackBerry. If that happens (and, frankly, that’s a big if at this point), Nokia’s large bet on Windows Phone will have paid off. Conversely, if Windows Phone 8 fails to take off, it’s difficult to see much of a turnaround for Nokia, which could follow RIM into the land of the irrelevant.

Indeed, all eyes are on Nokia tomorrow, where the company will unveil the Lumia 820 and 920 Windows Phone 8 smartphones for the US market. The phones themselves aren’t expected to be released until mid-November, giving the company time to build a marketing campaign to try to sell customers on the Windows Phone platform. Of course, it’ll have to do so at the same time that Apple is promoting and selling its next iPhone, slated to launch at the end of this month.

  • Chizaram Ucheaga

    The phones themselves aren’t expected to be released until mid-November, giving the company time to build a marketing campaign to try to sell customers on the Windows Phone platform. ”

    I have true sympathy for Nokia. I really do. But they’ve got their business model all wrong. What Apple does, which is impressive and what customers like is that – whenever Apple launches a new iPhone, iPad, etc. you can order it the same day or in 1 – 2 weeks from the launch date. Telling customers to wait till November to get a product launched in September just won’t cut it. People will rather buy the new iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy S III or Note II. See what happened to the Huawei Ascend. I wonder who’s advising Nokia’s top management.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think Nokia is doing this purposely. They are doing it out of no choice. 
      WP8 is probably not yet read for release. They need to show their devices before iphone5 is released, else people will not crave or wait for Nokia and just buy iPhone5. This is purely a business decision based out of necessity and not choice. 
      It is actually common sense. 

      • Chigoziri

         you’re very right Hary. It’s wise for Nokia to announce their phones now and wet our appetites so that people don’t just go for the iPhone5. The iPhone 5 will  be available for purchase not long after it’s announced and the only way  that they can win the customers that are undecided on whether to get the iPhone5 or a Windows Phone is to announce it now so that they can wait.
        Nokia can’t make Microsoft release the WP8 earlier than they have planned so this is the best move to make.

  • Gregory C Newman

    folks I believe the Phone on the right is the back of the “Verizon bound Nokia windows 8 smart phone. web rumors have stated it would look almost Identical to the Lumia 820 arrow but have a PureView rated Camera on it. maybe the rumor is true.  As you can see it’s bodie style is just like the lumia 820 on the left but it has a different camera  Verizon probably wont announce the launch of their Nokia windows 8 smart Phone until they are in the “Verizon ware houses ready for sale which is the best time to launch a product

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