Samsung sells over 20 million Galaxy S IIIs in first 100 days on the market

Samsung Galaxy S III in black

Continuing their impressive track record, Samsung has announced that they’ve sold over 20 million Galaxy S IIIs in the 100 days the phone has been on the market. The company sold 6 million devices in Europe, 7 million in Asia, and 4 million in North America en route to global domination. Such sales figures are impressive, but not unexpected from Samsung, whose brand has become almost synonymous with Android. Samsung is running away as the premier Android smartphone maker, and the Galaxy line of devices continues to drive customers in the door, fueling Android’s continued growth as a platform.

Samsung’s successes may be short-lived, however, as the next iPhone comes to the market later this month. The next iPhone brings significant hardware improvements over previous iPhones, and analysts are expecting sales of the device to near 10 million in the first weekend alone. Based on that projection, it would take Apple about two weeks to hit the 20 million number as multiple new and existing iPhone owners line up to get the latest and greatest iteration of iPhone.

[via TechCrunch]

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to Samsung. As a happy GS3 owner I can say the phone is the best I ever had. By contrast it is obvious that the new iphone will sell a lot since it is the only model they will have, it is not like ifans have any more options.

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