Everything Everywhere rebrands as EE, shows off LTE speeds

UK: T-Mobile and Orange to rebrand to Everything Everywhere in October?

The name “Everything Everywhere” was quite the mouthful, and apparently T-Mobile and Orange got the message loud and clear. The joint venture between the two companies will be rebranded to a much simpler “EE” in the UK to celebrate the recently announced LTE network the companies will be releasing in Britain later this month. Companies on the individual T-Mobile and Orange networks in the UK are expected to be rolled into the EE system in March 2013.

EE is currently testing LTE service in four cities, including London, Birmingham, Cardiff, and Bristol, which all went live this morning. Engadget went hands-on with EE’s LTE network this morning, and were pulling fairly impressive download speeds ranging from 20 to 38 mbps, with upload speeds averaging around 20 mbps. Of course, these speeds are about what we saw with not yet congested Verizon and AT&T networks here in the US, so customers likely can expect speeds of 7-12 mbps down, 3-7 mbps up when the service is more widely used.

[via Engadget]

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