Apple announces impressive numbers, crosses 700,000 apps on the App Store

Apple kicked off its September press event with a set of figures that’ll leave your head spinning. Besides selling millions of iPhones, the company has also boosted its iCloud rolls and iTunes ecosystem. Here is a run-down of Apple’s notable numbers:

  • 380 million customers in the stores each quarter, or about 1 million per day
  • 7 Million OSX Mountain Lion Upgrades
  • 6 years of Mac computers outpacing PC growth
  • 17 million iPads sold last quarter (April – June), more than any PC manufacturer
  • 68% worldwide tablet market share
  • 94% of Fortune 500 companies are testing or deploying iPads
  • 700,000 apps on the iOS App Store, 250,000 of which are specifically tailored for the iPad
  • On average, customers have more than 100 apps installed
  • 400 million iOS devices sold through June 2012
  • 20 billion songs purchased on iTunes
  • Over 350 million iPods sold

With Android reaching 500 million activated devices and increasing as a rate of 1.3M a day, the mobile marketplace is clearly a two horse race.

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