Huawei Windows Phone 8 device Ascend W1 might be unveiled Sept 25

It seems like everyone is jumping in on making its own Windows Phone 8 device. The latest rumor is swirling around chinese phone maker, Huawei. Now, we’ve heard rumblings of the company wanting to jump to Windows Phone since the Spring. According to a report, Huawei is working on releasing a WP8 device on September 25. The company plans to show its offering as the Ascend W1, which will be part of its “Ascend Series.” The new smartphone is expected to hit Europe, China and the United States sometime in November or December.

Huawei is usually great when it comes to pricing its devices, as the report also mentions how the phone maker intends to price the Ascend W1 below the Nokia Lumia 920. Like we said, Huawei has been mentioned developing WP8 phones for months, with the company’s own Chief Marketing Officer saying “We’ll launch our first Windows Phone in Q4 2012.” Interestingly, the report from the chinese blog seems to line up perfectly with this timeframe.

Even though this report came from a chinese Windows site, we have no idea of its validity. Of course, no details on specs or features were released. That being said, if this turns out true, you can expect this phone to have 4G LTE capabilities and a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor since it is pinged to carry the latest mobile operating system from Microsoft. We’re sure some more concrete information will trickle out in the very near future, so stay tuned folks.

[; via WMPoweruser]


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