AT&T to launch Nokia Lumia 920 on October 21st?

AT&T to launch Nokia Lumia 920 on October 21st?

It looks like AT&T could launch the hot-new Nokia Lumia 920 as early as October 21st. The information comes from two different sources, BGR and WPcentral, both of which have been tipped by a different person.

The problem, however, is that Nokia said its new Windows Phones will launch in early November so what gives? Sure the iPhone 5 launch may prompted all parties to speed-up things and prepare for an earlier-than-planned launch. Then again, it’s not like anyone was surprised to see the new iPhone. Perhaps it’s the impressive sales figures of the iPhone 5 that prompted Finns to revamp its strategy and bring its flagship product to the market as early as possible.

We can’t really tell but it would definitely make sense to launch in October rather than November. We’ll let you if we hear something new on this. Stay tuned in the meantime, k?

  • Gregory C Newman

    I agree with Mr. Belic  and add that the Christmas  shopping season begins on black Friday in November and it would be wiser for People to buy their smart phone before the Christmas season
    so a person does not have  a conflict with getting others a Christmas presents or getting a new Classy smart phone like the Nokia 920. but this may just be a rumor because you would expect Microsoft to launch Window Phone 8 first in a special Press event with a Lengthy show and tell session telling People all the new features of Windows Phone 8 so that People know what they are buying. Folks no except Microsoft and a few Cell phone carrier testers know all the major new features of the Windows phone 8 operating system.

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