Facebook for Android to trial automatic picture uploads

Users of Google+ are all too familiar with the automatic photo syncing system, where pictures taken with your mobile device’s camera are automatically privately uploaded to your Google+ account for easy sharing. I’ve personally used the feature on numerous occasions, often relying on it for when I need to access a picture I’ve taken on the go without carrying a cable.

Soon, users of the Facebook for Android app will be treated to a similar service, where pictures taken from your Android device will be automatically uploaded to a private area of your profile where they’ll wait for you to click the share button. Also similar to the Google+ app, Facebook’s auto-upload feature will allow users to select WiFi or WiFi-plus-cellular as a setting so you can manage your data usage. Should you opt for the WiFi plus cellular option, photos taken over cellular will be reduced to a smaller size so they don’t make a huge dent to your data allotment.

If you’re running the latest Facebook for Android app and want to start using the auto-upload service, head over to Facebook’s Help Center to get started.

[via The Verge, Facebook]

  • Deepak Kumar1

    its a good feature…pictures uploaded without carrying a cable…..


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