Lumia 510 with Windows Phone 7.8 makes an appearance in China

There is a growing battle for smartphone customers in emerging markets, where the companies who tend to win out are those that offer the best and cheapest devices. In countries such as China, low-end Android devices have ruled the roost, though a recently spotted Lumia 510 complete with Windows Phone 7.8 may make inroads into the Chinese market.

Posts on China’s Baidu network have posted specs for the upcoming Lumia 510 headset, which recently passed through the certification process in the country. The Lumia 510 will feature a 4 inch LCD display, an 800 MHz processor, 256 MB RAM, and a 5 megapixel rear facing camera. While not the mind-blowing specs we’ve come to expect with the high-end Android, Windows Phone, and iOS devices of late, the Lumia 510 will still sell fairly well alongside the Lumia 610 in emerging markets.

[via The Verge, WP Central]

  • Gregory C Newman

    folks it now appears that Windows series 7 smart phones are not dead for this smart to run
    Windows 7.8 means Nokia had to pay Microsoft licenses fees to put on Lumia 510 smart phones. Hmm Apple sells old models like the  Iphone 4 and 4s so I guess Microsoft is going to do the same thing through Nokia. this also means that Microsoft has to support Nokia’s efforts to some degree and may have to add updates to the Windows 7.8 smart phones owners which means Windows 7.8 smart phones will not be obsolete. this could mean that current windows smart phone Owners have got some more needed support after The Windows Phone 8 seires smart phones are released  on October 29th..For this to be true Microsoft must say it is true.It is interesting to note that Microsoft did send out a message to current windows smart phone owners about what improvements they wanted for windows 7.8 smart phone. why would they do that for a smart phone that is ended. through Nokia it looks like it has been revived

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