Kickstart this: Jorno, the pocketable, foldable bluetooth keyboard

Every so often, we come across a project on Kickstarter that gets us excited. Today, I was tipped to check out Jorno, a Bluetooth keyboard that folds up so that it fits in your palm for easy portability. For writers, enterprise users, and students, a keyboard is an essential accessory for a tablet or smartphone, as cranking out long form articles, taking notes, or editing office documents really doesn’t lend itself well to on-screen keyboards. The Jorno’s built-in stand props up your phone or tablet to turn you into a functional workhorse, and detaches from the keyboard itself should you want a little more distance between you and your tablet or smartphone.

Jorno doesn’t come cheap, however, and will retail for around $120 when the device goes on sale in April 2013. Early backers can still pick up a Jorno for as little as $89, however, so if you’re interested in Jorno, head over to the Kickstarter page to learn more or preorder the device for yourself.

  • Maciej Radzik

    I don’t mean to sound negative (well, yes.. I do) but what makes this thing any different than let’s say Nokia bluetooth keyboard from 5 years ago, or iGo Stowaway or any other folding BT keyboard that’s already on the market.  They all work with any device that has bluetooth. Sounds as exciting as the “new” iPhone 5.  We have four hinges instead of one and ours is a revolutionary device.. it has micro USB built in for charging.  At that price it’s a fail.  Sell it for half of this price and MAYBE, just MAYBE it will be a semi success.  Good luck to the developers.

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