Smartphone revolution infographic

Smartphone revolution infographic

Since the launch of the IBM Simon in 1993, smartphone technology has reached levels that until recent times had only been dreamed about. Features such as wireless sharing, HD video recording and mobile internet are now commonplace and today’s average smartphone has more processing power than computers used by NASA to land a man on the moon. All over the world, the smartphone experience is being shared by more and more people every day. But where will smartphones be tomorrow? Here we take a look at the origins of the smartphone, from its humble mobile phone beginnings to the powerful devices that reside in our pockets today.

The infographic, in case you wonder, is prepared by the good folks of Dialaphone, detailing the history of smartphones and how the technology has changed over time. Check it out.

Smartphone revolution infographic

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  • Retardedrickem

    No Blackberry….mmmm?

  • Anonymous

    This is a rather lackluster infographic.  The Technology Journey section fails to illustrate how the Internet in general accelerated information dissemination in the last 20 years vs. the last 200.  Also, why on earth is Radio missing, and where would it go?  Does it belong in Music or Communication, or both?  The Network Speeds bar graph also fails to illustrate the explosion in (theoretical) available bandwidth when comparing 3G to 4G, etc.  The only part I found somewhat worthwhile was the OS usage comparison by country.

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