First Jolla MeeGo device(s) to be unveiled next month

First Jolla MeeGo device(s) to be unveiled next month

If you recall, Jolla is the new company formed from the former Nokia employees who wanted to continue working on the MeeGo platform. They’re planning to unveil the results of their efforts at some point next month, launching a new MeeGo-based OS, codenamed “Sailfish,” and first device(s) in November.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the company managed to raise some 200 million EUR in the initial round of funding and the start-up is investing 10 million EUR of its own to bolster the platform’s prospects.

The “Sailfish” will remain open-source though parts of the UI will be licensed to interested parties. We’re not sure there’s room for another entrant to this space but you never know. MeeGo is a solid foundation for a new OS and we hope that the Jolla guys will be able to impress us. Supporting Android apps (existing eco-system) out of box is definitely a plus for any new platform. Can’t wait to see the first Jolla smartphone. 😉

[Via: Engadget]

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