Samsung Galaxy S III Mini to be unveiled on October 11th

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini to be unveiled on October 11th

It looks like Samsung will unveil a smaller version of the Galaxy S III, or that’s at least what German website MobiFlip thinks. The company’s local arm is sending out invites for an event taking place on October 11th, saying “something small will be really big” and “get ready for a little sensation.”

Presuming there’s some merit in these rumors, what could we expect from the Galaxy S III’s little brother? It would definitely have a smaller screen, slower (dual-core) processor and perhaps a worse camera. That said, we’re not sure why such a device is needed when we have the still solid Galaxy S II? Perhaps I’m missing something or perhaps the Korean giant wants to cover every possible price point, offering a device for anyone. We’ll have all the answers within a week. Stay tuned…

[Via: Unwired View]

  • Raphaelassi

    c’est le reve en main

  • lolly

    I am desperate for a smaller android phone to come out with say 3 inch/3.5 inch screen but without losing the technology from my current Galaxy S2 phone.  At the moment there are no small powerful phones out there so whoever succeeds in getting one out first will be getting my money!

  • Or maybe it will be a Galaxy III with the same performance but just a smaller screen – that would be really nice !!

  • MR

    As a writer I guess you should be nuteral not so pursuasive….

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