LG Optimus Nexus announcement pegged for late October

According to a recent report from CNET, both Google and LG will take the stage to announce the Optimus Nexus, the next “Pure Google” Android smartphone. Rumors have kicked into high gear surrounding the next Nexus device, with more pouring out by the day.

Expected to be a redesigned LG Optimus G variant, the next Nexus device looks like it will be packing quite a punch when it comes to internal hardware. With specs like a quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor and 2GB of RAM, the Optimus Nexus may be the hardware upgrade people were looking for when the Galaxy Nexus was announced.

While LG may not be the only handset maker that will be announcing a Nexus device this year, we’ve already handled the Optimus G, so we do know that a “Nexi-fied” version will be quite the treat. At the moment, it looks like a proper name for the device has yet to be decided on, but I’d put money on Optimus Nexus.

With rumors that the handset will go on sale in mid-November, a late October announcement sounds about right.

Who is holding out for one of these bad boys?

[Via: CNET]

  • Erodaland

    I don’t like LG even if they have the best specs, give me the HTC nexus 5!

    • HTC Nexus X = Tegra3+ = One X upgrade

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