More LG Nexus rumors surface – Wireless charging and non-expandable storage expected

In a crazy turn of events, the rumor mill has started running again. Yesterday we highlighted some of the newest rumors pertaining to Google’s own Nexus program, but today it’s all about the LG Optimus Nexus. Or whatever it will emerge as. The latest rumors suggest some interesting new features, and an expected lack of ¬†others.

The latest bag of tricks comes to us from Paul O’Brien from MoDaCo, who dropped a few nuggets of information about the upcoming handset. Some of the details were already assumed, but a couple come as a nice surprise.

We can expect the device to essentially have the innards of the LG Optimus G, but ship with a different design that’s said to resemble the Galaxy Nexus in some ways. Gone are the capacitive buttons below the display, which have been dropped in favor of on-screen navigation keys – something that doesn’t come as a surprise. Something that does somewhat come as a surprise is that the handset should support wireless charging, which is an interesting feature that’s yet to really take off yet.

Other rumors suggest that the Optimus Nexus will come in two storage capacities of 8GB and 16GB. Now throw in the fact that the device likely won’t ship with a microSD card slot, and some may have some issues with the storage in this otherwise great device. Google is attempting to force you into the cloud, but this has really always been the case. While the idea of having 8GB of storage on the device isn’t necessarily something we’d love, the smaller amount storage could allow the device to ship at a much more affordable price. To add a little more bitter flavored icing on this sweet cake of a phone, it also looks like the device will ship with a non-removable battery, much like the Optimus G.

On a more positive note, you can expect the best specs of the Optimus G to make their way to the Nexus device as well. The 4.7 inch True HD IPS display (1280 x 768 resolution), 2GB of RAM, quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor, and 8 megapixel camera (let’s hope the 13 MP shooter is still a possibility!) should be in the bag.

Also expected is Android 4.2 to ship with the device. Not much is known about the update, but we were hoping to see the next update to the OS happen next year, so handset-makers can catch up to Google.

With and expected launch time of mid-November, we have some time to allow some more details to trickle out.

So what do you think? Does the Optimus Nexus sound like your next phone, or does a lack of internal/expandable storage make it a deal breaker?

[Via: Modaco]

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