Samsung Securities: LG to become No.3 smartphone maker next year

Samsung Securities: LG to become No.3 smartphone maker next year

It’s not usual to learn what one handset maker thinks about the prospects of another one. Today we have such information, coming from Samsung’s brokerage arm – Samsung Securities.

According to them, buying LG stock is a good investment as the company emerges as the third largest smartphone maker. Samsung Securities believes that LG will turn its smartphone business around starting in Q1 2013 with the help of the upcoming Optimus G as well as a couple of successors, codenamed V2 and GK, which we haven’t heard about until now. The report goes on saying that LG will sell about 8-9 million units in the first quarter of 2013, while its global smartphone market share will rise to 5.8% at the end of next year, up from 4% in 2012.

There are no doubts the LG Optimus G will be one the best smartphones you can buy the minute it starts selling. However, is that enough? The way I see it, LG never had problems with hardware – rather it was the software, especially firmware updates, which made LG phones rather unpopular. And while we’re sure LG is putting an extra effort to fix things up, they still have to convince the mainstream consumer that they’re back in the game.

As for the losers in the smartphone wars, Samsung Securities expects that Nokia and RIM will “lose ground in OS competitiveness.”

[Via: Unwired View]

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