HTC decides to drop out of the tablet race

U.S. version of the HTC Flyer Wi-Fi gets Honeycomb update, too

HTC confirmed to Fierce Wireless that the company is moving out of the tablet business in the US. This change in strategy isn’t very surprising as HTC only released three tablet models in the US and none of the products were big sellers.

Though it is no longer selling tablets stateside, the company told Fierce Wireless that it is watching that market “very, very closely.” HTC said it would consider releasing another tablet if it had a product that could compete in the market against the wildly successful iPad.

At this point, though, HTC isn’t sure if it would pursue a high-end tablet like the iPad or a low-end model like the Kindle Fire or Nexus 7. Until HTC makes a serious decision to get back in the tablet game, we can count them out when discussing the growing the tablet business.

[Via Fierce Wireless]

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