Just 18 days after launch, iPhone 5 web traffic volume passes Galaxy S III

It’s always interesting when stories pop up pitting Apple’s flagship iPhone 5 against Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S III device. This time it’s web traffic volume between the two devices. The iPhone 5 has been out for a little under a month now, and in fact Apple announced it one month ago from today, but in the 18 days that it’s been available to consumers, it has already surpassed the Samsung Galaxy S III in web traffic volume.

The survey revealing these statistics was conducted by Chitika analytics. Despite the Galaxy S III shipping in over 100 more countries than the iPhone 5 is right now, web browser use on the iPhone 5 has skyrocketed past its Android competitor. The survey, which took place from October 3rd to October 9th and factored in over a million mobile ad impressions, shows that the iPhone 5 accounted for 56 percent of web traffic, leaving the Galaxy S III with the other 44 percent.

Chikita attributes such fast iPhone 5 web usage growth to the record-breaking sales and eagerness to try out the new 4G LTE technology built in to the iPhone for the first time.

While Chitika obviously can’t measure the entire market, its access to data from over one million mobile ad impressions is telling enough that there’s strong interest in using the iPhone for web browsing, especially when you consider that the iPhone 5 has been on the market for less than a month and the Galaxy S III has been shipping in the U.S. since June.

[via iDownloadBlog]

  • Poopmcgee

    At least apple fans have something to hold onto!

  • Well my question is what is considered web browsing in the study? If you use search and use the browser? does Facebook or Twitter count? I can see people testing out the 4G speeds on them because that’s what we do with new toys, we test them out. Look at the number from when the GS3 came out to a month later then compare that plus the number of units sold. If the GS3 was out for 30 days and scores less plus had more sold during that time then this type of comparison would make sense. I know of a few people who were waiting for the I5 and returned it because of disappointments and switched to Samsung or are waiting the the Note2. CrApple web traffic is nothing. Compared to the GS3 witch is better or which do you just prefer? That is and will be the biggest question you need to ask yourself. When you have your answer you will have your phone. 

  • Anonymous

    That’s because a large amount of users may either be manually setting their user agent to desktop so they can browse full web pages on the S3s lovely screen.. or they have installed a custom rom which may set there user agent to “android” and not identify specifically as the S3 

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