T-Mobile’s Nexus 4 won’t allow Wi-Fi calls

T-Mobile's Nexus 4 won't allow Wi-Fi calls

Until you find your way around — i.e. hack the system — T-Mobile’s Nexus 4 won’t allow for Wi-Fi calling. The information comes from TMOnews, which is best-known for following every step the Magenta carrier takes.

Not sure why this was needed, but what do I know. Guess T-Mobile don’t mind people bringing their own Nexus devices to the network, since we can’t advise anyone to grab Google’s latest phone from the Deutsche Telekom-owned operator. Getting an unlocked unit and using it with a plan that works for you is a much better solution, or so we think… and we love our phones unlocked and capable of handling Skype talks every now and then…

  • Denny Jacob

    sounds like you misinterpreted the article. it was not referring to making general calls over wifi with apps such as skype, it’s referring to T-Mobile’s wifi calling feature.

    • Brett

      I can’t blame him for misinterpreting. This article is horribly written.

      • “Horribly written”???  It was very clear to me: “T-Mobile’s Nexus 4 won’t allow for Wi-Fi calling”. No LTE, no Wi-Fi calling, no memory expansion, limited memory = no N4 = sticking with my SGS-III. Pity though

        • Yed

          there is always buying directly from google which is least $100 cheaper with everything unlocked and no bloatware as all phone should be

          •  There won’t be any bloatware anyway because this is pure android on the N4 even from T-Mobile but if you buy the unlocked from Google and something happens to your phone you won’t be able to take it to a T-Mobile store for repair. You’ll have to ship it back. With a non removable battery there is going to be problems sooner or later. Getting an S III this weekend.

  • They gave this phone extra RAM, a great processor and a great screen. Then they crippled it every way possible. No w-ifi. No LTE. Non removable battery. Small a mount of internal storage. No expandable storage. Overall sales will reflect the negatives of this phone. I was waiting for this phone but I’m getting the S III instead.

  • tdoughone

    This might be the worst article ever written. It unlocked, that’s why it will not have T-mobiles wifi calling app. But… since the nexus s all nexus phones have had built in wifi calling feature in the call settings. The phone will will be unlocked of T-Mobile sells it just like the s was wen best buy sold it. Lol yeah tmobile is selling it for more. But they also give it to you on contract for 200. No one else will. Appreciate what tmobole does in terms of nexus phones. This article is a discredit to a phone and a carrier that can’t afford it. Way to go.

    • Not correct: Nexus phones have had IP calling, which the Nexus 4 will also have. What the article is referring to is the T-Mobile wifi calling app. AFAIC it SHOULDN’T have it, as it is not a T-Mobile branded phone. It is identical to the Nexus 4 sold in the Play Store, which of course won’t have the wifi calling app either. As the app is essentially tied to the T-Mobile SIM, this should be worked around in short order for purchasers of Nexus 4s using T-Mobile regardless of where they buy the phone from.

      I agree though: this was a horribly written article. Anyone who understands that this is a Nexus phone, but then gets upset that T-Mobile is NOT putting ANY of their bloatware on it has no idea what Nexus devices are even about.

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